Process capability

Technical ability
Capability Description
Layer count
Finished board thickness
15.7-98.4mil [0.4-2.5mm]
Min. inner thin core thickness
4mil [0.10mm]
Working panel size
Max:20”X24” Min: 10”X10”
Min. Line width /spacing
4/3 mil [0.10/0.08mm]
Layer to layer registration
+/-2mil [0.05mm]
Drill hole size
Φ10-Φ256mil [Φ0.25~Φ6.5mm]
Min. Finished hole size
8mil [0.20mm]
Drilling true position tolerance
+/-2mil [0.05mm]
Drilling hole tolerance
+/-3mil(PTH) [0.08mm]
+/-2mil(NPTH) [0.05mm]
Line to NPTH hole distance
Min. 4mil [0.10mm]
Line to PAD hole distance
Min. 3.5mil [0.089mm]
PTH thickness
Min. 1.0mil [0.025mm]
the even of panel plating
Plating Aspect Ratio
Solder Mask registration
+/-2mil [0.05mm]
Solder Mask solder dam
Min. 3mil [0.08mm]
Min. outline tolerance
+/-4mil [0.10mm]
Min. G/F chamfer angle
Finished board thickness tolerance
+/-4mil [0.10mm]
Impedance tolerance
Bow & Twist

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