Human resources

Education and training
1.Pre-employment training:

To ensure new employees to adapt the new environment as soon as possible, and integrate to our enterprises earlier, each new employee will receive pre-service training for 3-7 days.
Training courses as below:

  • Company development history  
  • Company’s Culture
  • Company's organizational structure and human resources
  • Concept of Administration of the company
  • Team-work spirits and attitude
  • Company management rules
  • Production introduction and process illustration
  • Industrial safety and 6S introduce
  • Policies of quality and environment
  • Company’s perspective and developing strategy.
2.On-the-job training:

In order to help the staff to realize the value of himself, and to satisfies the need for the development, we provide aperiodic trainings internally and other professional training organization.

(1)Training for operators:

To make sure the workers can be trained the operating skills continuously after working, on-the-job-training Department will invite engineers and supervisors with excellent specialty skills as internal teachers to teach the operators working methods and techniques, the followings are the basic courses:

  • Introduction of the SOP
  • The quality inspection specifications
  • Process trouble shooting
  • Quality control and quality statistical technique 
(2)Training for supervisors:

Supervisors play a very important role in the organization, so as for different levers, we have a series administrative courses:
  • Supervisors’ leading skills
  • Introductory training for department supervisors
  • Introductory training for managers
  • Set up teams
  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Cost analysis… and so on 
(3)promotion training:

Our company provides smooth promoting channels for employees. For every 3 months, we will train the employees that are up to the standard of promotion, they can promote if they pass the examination.

(4)Training for working skills

It refers to the trains of special operations, working process, operation of machines, the usage of equipment and tools、the influence that work brings to the environment and practical working skills (e.g. SOP and the introduction of machines’ operating).

(5)Self-development training:

  • General English course
  • Computer application software courses (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint…and so on)
(6)Internal training

The courses are given by internal employees or external organization, it may be held in or out of our company. 

(7)External training

It refers to the trainings held by external professional training organization national or overseas. Our company may arrange employees to receive such trainings according to the request of the post and the necessity of self-development.


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